CEDER Wellness & SPA

Experience a touch of relaxation and tranquility in the heart of the High Tatras and the atmosphere of the hot saunas or whirlpools. You can find the hoped-for rest and relaxation accompanied by European elegance and undisturbed peace .

Finnish Dry Sauna

Overheating your body in a dry sauna at 90- 105 oC . The beneficial effect of saunas is hyperemia of the skin , subcutaneous tissue and muscle . Practice the important functions of the body such as . the ability of the correct response vessels, skin , heart , kidneys , nervous system , etc. . Sauna improves the immune system and overall regeneration . This will ensure reliable sauna relaxing effect . Recommended length of stay is repeated 15 minutes.



Steam Sauna

Herbal steam bath with the addition of eucalyptus essence brings a unique experience for body and soul . Effects of steam saunas on the human body are remarkable . Hot steam is among the reliable healers . Will prevent debilitation and disease . Hot steam cleanses the skin , promotes its elasticity apomáha remove waste products from the body . The body is freed up to 30 % of accumulated toxins .
The advantage of the steam bath , where the temperature reaches a maximum of 55 ° C at 100 % humidity , the lower the burden on the body and therefore it can afford even people having health problems because of which they can not go to a traditional sauna . Recommended length of stay is repeated 15 minutes

Infra Sauna

Perfect means of preserving natural beauty . Ensure good blood circulation , cell growth , continuously removes dead skin cells . Is suitable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers well as during the time spent in infrared sauna to breathe tepid air. The infrared cabin is 20 % of the heat consumed for heating the air , and 80 % was converted directly to the body heat ! Ensures deeper and more effective to overheat at 50 ° C , the less strain on your heart .

Indoor Jacuzzi

Treat yourself to a soothing massage water jets , which released all the muscles in your body and perfectly whole body blood circulation at 37 ° C . Relax and Relax in light tones relaxing music . The recommended time is 30 minutes.

Recreational Area

place where you can peacefully relax and forget about everyday problems by the sounds of relaxing music .

Ice Bucket



Bucket full of ice water that is in store for all of Hardy , who need to alleviate the heat in the body . Feel for the power that moves the body and blood circulation through each part . Temperature : 9-12 ° C